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Female tech heroes at EDAG!

As a part of Dutch Technology week there was a special ‘Female Tech Heroes’ day organized at the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven.

I found it interesting to join this day, to get inspired by women and to meet more women like me that work in a technical environment. 

It was a day of interviews including one with Neelie Kroes (ambassador Female Tech Heroes), lectures, workshops and in the meantime there was some time to network with all the participants.

In the morning I had a workshop about ‘Design thinking’ and in the afternoon I joined the workshop about how you present yourself. Both workshops were interactive and instructive with tips and tricks that I will really bring into practice. 

One of the lectures was given by Tessie Hartjes from Lightyear. This was a great lecture to listen to and to get inspired at the same time. What I found so interesting about this lecture was that I recognized myself in her story. During her study a teacher wanted to push her in certain direction, but that was not what she had in her mind. 

I had a similar situation during my studies.

It was discouraged to me to do the study ‘Industrial Product Design’. Teachers told me that I wouldn’t be able to survive the first year because nobody with my background had made it to the second year. Thát gave me actually some extra power to go for it and let them see what I could do!

As Neelie Kroes was telling in her interview ‘Women should take more risks’. 

It would also be good for EDAG NL to get and create more diversity to strengthen our team. 
Before I started at EDAG NL I didn’t know so much about the automotive world, but with curiosity, enthusiasm and a will to learn I ended up well in the technical world at EDAG.