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First hybrid teacher starts at Fontys Eindhoven

During the Kick-Off for the student teams at the Fontys Eindhoven that will compete in the Shell ECO Marathon, the first hybrid teacher of the ACE-partners was introduced. Hans Beumer, Chief Designer at EDAG Netherlands B.V. will, parallel to his current job, make no less than 300 hours available to guide and enthuse the students of the automotive bachelor for the automotive industry.

As ACE, we want to strengthen the connection between education and practice. For Hans Beumer, that is the greatest motivation to fulfil the role of hybrid teacher. “Studying these days means spending a lot of time behind a computer screen. The physical contact with the actual practice lacks. Nowadays, everything goes via the internet. Spontaneously entering a company to acquire knowledge or to see how things really happen in the business world happens too little. That is something I have been propagating for years: ‘education should be even more intertwined with the business world’”.

According to ACE, that is the entire essence of the role as a hybrid teacher. The hybrid teacher will not participate in the regular fixed lessons structure or be part of the current curriculum. “You are actually a kind of guest teacher who will transfer his knowledge based on his expertise. Parallel to providing guidance for the students, I have project in progress that also require my attention. It is, therefore, especially important to ensure proper coordination between these.”

“I have been in the work field since 1977, during which I have already experienced so many things in different ways. It is great to be able to transfer all my knowledge and approaches to the current student who will join the business world in the nearby future”, says Hans Beumer.