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My name is Max Wisse, 23 years old and student Automotive at Fontys University of Applied Science Eindhoven. As part of this, I have been able to complete my graduation internship at EDAG Netherlands in the past 20 weeks.

My interest in EDAG was awakened on the Automotive career day at the HAN in Arnhem, where I attended a presentation by Pieter Assies from EDAG. During both my study and my previous internship, I found out that product and concept development suits me perfectly, and I wanted to develop myself further. I have never regretted my choice for EDAG and the chance this company has given me.


Based on the growing demand for alternatives with regard to the interpretation of the local transport of goods, EDAG Netherlands is developing a transport concept, an ‘Electric Delivery Van’. This is a ‘zero emission’ vehicle with regard to the ‘last mile’ interpretation in various cities. Due to various discussions with potential customers and the changing mobility ideas, the concept has been given more and more interpretation. In this sustainable and CO2-neutral vehicle concept, things such as ‘outline vehicle’, driver position and access to the loading compartment have already been researched and designed. Both the powertrain and the way of electricity storage have been updated with regard to current and future technologies.

What did I do at EDAG? 

My graduation assignment has therefore mainly focused on this. From the first moment, this project has fascinated me. The developments in the field of electric driving are going very fast. In this area, in the course of a limited amount of training, I have been able to gain a lot of knowledge at EDAG. A research in which both current and new technologies have been discussed, which has ultimately resulted in a total design of the powertrain and the battery pack of the edV, which satisfies the pre-set requirements. In the future it would be fantastic to actually encounter this vehicle on the road. 


I look back on an instructive, but especially fun period, in which I have learned a lot and have been able to develop myself as both as a person and as an automotive engineer, in which I have been able to apply many aspects of my education. Recently, after a successful presentation of my thesis, this has resulted in obtaining my bachelor’s degree in Automotive. Thanks to the team and the excellent working atmosphere, I have been working for EDAG Netherlands with great pleasure. You are immediately included in the team and you never feel like you are just a trainee. I can definitely recommend an internship or graduation project at EDAG. 

Maybe see you soon!