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Graduation internship Automotive and Industrial Product Design at EDAG Netherlands

We are Bjorn Kluijtmans and Coen van Cuijk and we are students in Automotive at the Fontys Hogeschool in Eindhoven and Industrial Product Design at Fontys Hogeschool in Venlo. We have been able to carry out our graduation internship at EDAG Netherlands in Helmond during the past 20 weeks.

Hello! My name is Bjorn Kluijtmans, I am 23 years old and I live Sint-Oedenrode. I did my graduation internship at EDAG Netherlands B.V. in the context of my education Automotive Engineering in Helmond. I came in touch with EDAG via a teacher. After a few physical and phone conversations, Pieter Assies made me enthusiast for this challenging graduation assignment.

My graduation project consisted of a study about the feasibility of an alternative charging mechanism for electric vehicles. A private individual asked EDAG to do this feasibility study about his innovative charging method. The concept consists of a charger unit which is located behind the vehicle’s licence plate. The charger unit will extend and make a physical contact with the charging station in case of a charge situation. This concept could be a good alternative for the current charging method with a socket and a plug. The concept could eliminate some manual actions.

EDAG wanted to find out if this concept is feasible for the Automotive market. I figured out some aspects in detail about the feasibility of the concept. Some of these aspects were: homologation, patent rights, costs and a research about the competitive charging methods for electric vehicles. Another section of the research was a physical test in which the accuracy of positioning a car by human hands is measured. I also did a proposal for the electric architecture of the charging module.  Currently, the client is looking for parties for an industrialization of this concept.

I may proudly say that – thanks to EDAG – I am graduated with nice grade! I have had a nice time at EDAG. The small-scale, low-threshold, social and personal working atmosphere was very pleasant during my graduation internship. 
I want to take this opportunity to thank my mentor Pieter Assies and all my colleagues from EDAG for the pleasant and informative time!

My name is Coen van Cuijk, I am 26 years old and in my last year of Industrial Product Design at the Fontys University of Applied Sciences in Venlo. I came in touch with EDAG via an employee from EDAG Netherlands. During our first conversation Pieter Assies introduced me to the Electronic Delivery Vehicle (ED-V). The ED-V is a vehicle through which EDAG responds to the demand for zero emission transport. In addition, the ED-V possesses a few smart features which make the vehicle especially suitable for use in urban areas. Things such as driveline, interior and access to the cargo hold have already been investigated.

I have been assigned with the search for an efficient and ergonomic concept for ingress and egress on the driver’s side of the ED-V. Guided by Hans Beumer, I have done research on issues such as weight, dimensions, the intended user and anthropometry. The concept for the new driver’s door uses profiles on the inside of the door, out of sight, making it possible for the door to slide forward. The sustainable origin of the ED-V has prompted me to gain greater insight into reusability and recycling of materials and parts. Furthermore, the possibility of automation of the door in the future has been accounted for. Especially in combination with modern proximity sensors this may result in interesting innovations in the world of last mile delivery.

I have experienced my period at EDAG as very educational. Due to the enormous amount of knowledge and experience within the team, the knowledge acquired at university is being extended and applied at a rapid pace. On top of that, you will quickly be included in the team and everyone is prepared to help you out. All in all, this has led me to successfully completing my bachelor’s in Industrial Product Design.

Thank you EDAG and possibly until the next time!