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Graduation thesis focused towards design and engineering in a circular economy

My name is Thijs den Hartog and I’m 22 years old. For the past couple of months I have been working on my graduation assignment at EDAG Netherlands for my bachelor of automotive engineering at the HAN University of Applied Sciences. During this assignment, I combined my background in the field of automotive engineering with subjects that I learned during a minor Circular Economy.

The goal of the assignment was to research possibly interesting design principles, processes, and materials that can be used to design and develop future-proof products in the automotive industry. Future-proof being not just sustainable or circular, but also low-impact, innovative, and cost-efficient. The assignment consisted of literature research and the interviewing of experts in the field of sustainable design. The results of the assignment have been documented in a guide for the engineers of EDAG Netherlands that can be used to draw inspiration for existing and future projects. A few examples of subjects that are discussed in the guide are lightweight design through topology optimization, Design for Disassembly, additive manufacturing techniques and the biobased engineering materials.

Because of the excellent guidance of Chris Bellingwout and Pieter Assies of EDAG Netherlands I have graduated for my bachelor in automotive engineering. I would also like to thank the rest of the colleagues at EDAG that supported me during the assignment. Altogether I look back on a wonderful time at an inspiring company and I look forward to a promising career in the field of sustainable mobility!