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Our Services

What we offer our staff:

For us, family and professional life belong together

We all know that parents face a huge challenge when it comes to achieving a proper balance between family and professional life. To help ease the situation, we offer a work-life balance programme. Our family-friendly work environment is inclusive, because a career and children should not be mutually exclusive.

Advanced training is a must at EDAG

We provide a wide range of opportunities for training and development, from general courses on popular tools through to project-specific methods and tools. We also offer qualifying workshops for managers and language courses in English and German for international employees. Sales training courses are provided as a matter of course.

Health Management

To supplement the work-life balance programme, we place great value on health management, to encourage our staff to take care of their health and wellbeing. "After work meetings", are also held at a number of our sites, a fixed ritual where employees can get together for a chat in a relaxed atmosphere.

One of our main priorities is the motivation of our employees, and promoting responsible, performance-oriented behaviour. The reason for this is that working with our customers is challenging and high-level.


Besides the fascinating range of tasks of a leading global engineering company, we also offer the following:  

  • Security and company benefits of a corporate group
  • The corporate culture of a medium-sized company without too much officialdom, and working on the principle of mutual cooperating
  • Opportunities for professional training and development to improve technical, methodological and social skills.